Who am I

Hello, my name is Sonia, and I am an “amigurumi designer“.

I have always loved crochet since I was a child, and a few years ago, I decided to learn this Wonderful Art, thanks to the many tutorials available on the Internet.

After discovering how to create an AMIGURUMI, I had so much fun, and since then, I haven’t stopped.
I love creating cute characters. My inspiration comes from the most well-known characters in the Cartoon World, both from the “past” and the “present”.
Amigurumi is not just a “hobby” but a new way of life. With my amigurumi, I hope to bring joy not just to those who have the pleasure of owning one, but also to those like me motivated by curiosity to know more.

I believe that today, more than ever, finding your “corner of happiness” is most important. I found mine by designing these small and lovely amigurumi.

When I crochet, I put my whole heart into it.

I hope I’ve piqued your curiosity a little 😉

If you want to stay updated on my projects, you can check out my website or visit my Facebook page, and if you’d like, follow me on Instagram.

See you soon,